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Steps to Home Buying

1: Obtain a Pre-qualification or Pre-Approval Letter from a Lender of your choice to determine type of mortgage and parameters you qualify for.  (If Cash Deal, “Proof of Funds from your banking institution is required.)
2: Provide us, your Realtors, with the letter and your home search criteria such as # of bedrooms, baths, area, etc. You will then be receiving an automatic search with those properties matching your requirements.
3: Once you have picked out a few properties, we will review the history and confirm they will be a good match for you.. then it is time to begin visiting those properties.
Once a PROPERTY has been CHOSEN, it is time to PLACE AN OFFER:  
4: Provide us with a copy of your I.D. for the contract to be properly written.
5: We will provide you with Wire Transfer instructions so that you can visit your banking institution and have the Earnest Money Deposit required for the offer.
6: The offer will then be submitted with either a copy of the “Pre-qualification letter” or “Proof of Funds”, a copy of the Earnest Money Deposit and necessary addendums.
Once an OFFER has been ACCEPTED:
7: Choose an Inspector and set up the inspection within the first week, if possible.
8: Obtain Homeowners insurance and Flood insurance quotes, if applicable.
9: Prepare to have all utilities (power, water, gas) turned on under your name for the day of closing.
10: The Appraisal and Survey will be orderred by your lender. If this is a cash deal, it is optional.
Once the Lender has provided a CLEAR TO CLOSE and the Title company has completed their research, it is time for CLOSING! 
11: New Wire Transfer Instructions will be provided after the Closing Statement has been approved. Time for you to visit your lending institution and wire over the balance required by you to the Title Company.
12: We will visit the property for the final Walk-Thru to make sure all is in order.
13: At Closing, all signers should be present and bring 2 valid IDs.
P.S. Don’t forget to recommend your Realtors to friends and family for the great work they have done! :))

                      SOLD Over $3.6 MILLION in 2014! 
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    • Always do the right thing.
    • Value Relationships above all.
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