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Interested in LEASE with OPTION TO PURCHASE? I may have a program for you

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This program is for those who want to purchase a home but may not qualify for a mortgage yet. It’s a LEASE with RIGHT TO PURCHASE.  The first thing that needs to be done is that everyone in your household 18 years or older needs to qualify.  You pick the FOR SALE property that you may wish to purchase in the future, the investment homes company  purchases the property and you lease it from them at 1 year increments up to 5 years or until you are able of qualifying for a mortgage. Then you can purchase the property anytime within those 5 years.
There will be a Pre-Application Qualification required.
There is no application fee to fill out the pre-qualification application.  If your pre-qualification application is accepted, you will be provided with the full application package.  It requires you to answer additional questions such as residential history, employment history and provide certain other information we need to run a full credit and background check.  There is a $75 application fee per household  (ie, if there is more than one applicant for a household, the total application fee is still $75).


  • Qualification doesn’t necessarily rely on your credit score. 
  • Any Bankruptcies must be discharged.
  • No Felonies records.
  • Household income must be a minimum of $50,000 per year.
  • Homes must be in an acceptable high school district.
  • Home values must be between $100k – $500k.
  • No Short Sales will be accepted. Only traditional sale homes and some foreclosed homes that are move in ready.  If they need updating, that’s no problem.

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