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Why Hire a Realtor for New Construction?

Many Buyers feel it’s unnecessary to utilize a Realtor to represent them. After all, you can simply walk into a new construction site, sit with one of their representatives, use their preferred lender and build a house just as if you were walking into any store, purchasing an item and leaving with mission accomplished, however, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would the New Home Consultant is properly representing you or are they representing the builder?
  • Would they they give me the best deal?
  • What are they not telling me about my purchase?

The Builder has a “Single Agent” Relationship with their New Home Consultants while most Independent Realtors have a “Transaction Agent” relationship with their Buyers and Sellers. In a Single Agent Relationship their allegiance is to the builder so where does that leave the Buyer with their representation?

The benefit for the Buyer in utilizing the services of a Realtor is that the Realtor’s commission is paid by the Builder (Seller) and not the Buyer. There’s nothing better than free representation to take stress off the Buyer to make other important decisions such as picking their cabinets, counter tops and color themes.  Sounds like a deal to me!

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